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The department of Film and Communication of Beijing Normal University was founded in 1992, which is the first comprehensive university that established this discipline separately in China with a complete training system for undergraduate and post-graduate education. The academic discipline of Drama, Film and Television is the first qualified Doctor's Degree-conferring unit in Film Studies and the second in Radio and Television Art in the country, which is also listed in the first batch of postdoctoral research centers and the first batch of pilot units for MFA education. The section of Film Studies here is rated as a national key cultivation subject and the discipline of Drama, Film and Television is rated as a key subject in Beijing. The major of Drama, Film and Television Literature is awarded as a major with state-level specialized characteristic in 2008. The discipline of Drama, Film and Television ranked second in the third discipline evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education.


With the leadship of the senior professor Huang Huilin, there is a faculty that is of great reputation, including thirteen professors, five associate professors and two lecturers, among whom there is one senior professor of Beijing Normal University, one Distinguished Professor of Yangtze River scholar program entitled by the Ministry of Educationone professor selected as a member of National Talent Project, two professors selected as members of Academic Evaluation Group of the Ministry of Education,one is the convener of the discipline of Drama Film and Television, one professor elected as the director of Drama, Film and Television Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, three professors selected as members of New Century Talent Project organized by the Ministry of Education, two professors awarded with master prize in Beijing and two professors elected as chief experts in Marxism Theory Research and Construction Project, and several recruited senior personnel. The senior artists and scholars like Li Xing, Xie Jin, Li Shaobai and the famous filmmakers and industry elites like Huang Jianxin, Huo Jianqi, Gao Qunshu,Zou Jingzhi, Chen Xiaoqing act or acted as part-time professors. The famous drama director from Taiwan, Lai Shengchuan acts as an honorary professor. Professor Blaine, a famous British documentary writer and scholar, and Li Yongguan, the chairman of Busan Film Festival act as the visiting professors.



Now there are two national-level quality courses, including Chinese Film History and Introduction to Television that are given by Professor Zhou Xing and Professor Yu Dan respectivly.


The Department of Film and Communication has undertook 2 major research projects of the Ministry of Education for Philosophy and more than 30 projects from the National Social Science Foundation and the Ministry of Education, National Radio and Television Administration, and Beijing Municipality, more than 100 horizontal projects, and more than 90 publications.


There are more than 120 undergraduates in the Department of Film and Communication, more than 50 academic postgraduates, 115 masters of arts, more than 20 doctoral students, and 10 international students. The Department of Film and Communication draws on the advanced education experience from all over the world. Based on the reality of Chinese art education, and uses high-quality and modern teaching methods, we are aiming at producing high-level professionals.

The Department of Film and Communication has signed strategic cooperation agreements with Arizona State University, New York Film Academy,  Hong Kong Baptist University and other institutions of higher learning to jointly cultivate talents in the form of 3+2 and visiting students, and invites famous professors and industry talents from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan to give lectures or exchange ideas.  

Teachers and students' works were selected for Oscars,  Venice Film Festival, Golden Horse Awards,  Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, Busan International Children's Film Festival in South Korea, Huabiao Award, Xia Yan Cup, Beijing Film Academy International Student Film and Television Works Exhibition, Pingyao International Photography Exhibition, Beijing College Student Film Festival, the Global Chinese University Student Film and Television Awards, Sichuan International Television Festival, China Documentary Film Exchange Week and other film festivals. It has won many awards and has trained a large number of film and television creative, management and education talents with outstanding achievements.


The department of Film and Communication has hosted 24 sessions of Beijing College Student Film Festival and established parallel sessions in South Africa, Britain, the United States Canada,etc, which is highly appraised by the industry and academy.

It has also work along with China Film Museum, Jiangxi Jingdezhen, and Longshi Culture Group to establish three film and television practice bases, which integrates and utilise resources from universities, enterprises, and the government, and created a new model for jointly training young film and television talents. The Beijing Youth Film and Television Creative Base established the "Youth Film and Television Creativity Fund" in the Education Foundation of Beijing Normal University, using the Film Festival as a platform to support outstanding young creative talents, from which it has launched such works as "Youth", which was scripted by the graduate students of Film and TV Media Department.