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Art theory research at BNU has a long history. Since 1995, when the second level discipline of art was established in China, art theory research at BNU has been promoting the development of the discipline. The department of art is one of the first institutions where postdoctoral research station of first level discipline art was founded. In 2008, the second level discipline of art successfully became the key discipline of Beijing. As art became a category, art theory was established as the first level discipline. In 2011, doctoral program in the first level discipline of art in art category was authorized, which was permitted to be promoted to be the first level key discipline. In 2012, the first postdoctoral station of art theory was set up, and the discipline of art theory ranked the forth in the first level discipline academic assessment.

The department of art was founded in 2007, which was the main institution constructing the first level discipline of art theory. The department of art is responsible for the platform curriculum of art introduction and art basic theory for undergraduate and graduate students of whole school. It is also responsible for constructing related art theoretic curriculum and offers the curriculum of Art Principles, Art History Theory, Art Appreciation and Criticism, Art Culturology, Art Sociology, Psychological Research Methods of Art. Currently, there are not undergraduate programs in the department. It engaged in cultivating graduate and doctoral students of high-grade.

The department of art is responsible for the research and teaching of the doctor station of first level discipline of art theory. In the past few years, it has developed rapidly, which overtook the task of coordinating and constructing high-level research institutions such as the Base of Chinese Literary Criticism (BNU), BNU Center of National Art Accomplishment. Many experts and doctoral supervisors enroll doctoral students at the art theory doctor station.

There are 8 professors and associate professors of BNU in the discipline, and also highlevel experts from home and abroad are invited to join in the discipline, which do good to the construction of compound discipline on a broader platform.

Based on major projects, converging many experts, and focusing on the research, this discipline lays emphasis on the basic research of art theory, and endeavors to accomplish great breakthrough on the field of original art basic theory and history of Chinese folk art. This department undertakes Chinese Literature and Art Fund Program “Bimonthly Report on Chinese Literary Criticism Hot Issues”, Central University Basic Research Program “Art Education Research in Modern China”, Key program of MOE “Marxism Project-Art Introduction”, and other programs of national social science fund, social science fund of MOE. The department also undertakes the program of art platform curriculum.

We publish Hot Issue Comments on China Art theory, Art Education Annual Report of China, and Analysis on Chinese Literary Dynamic and Comment annually. The department of art is dedicated in contributing the art theory with Chinese characteristic.