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Laban Research Center of China

Release date: 2020-11-10 17:06:22 |Clicks:1551

Laban Research Center of China is the first university-created Laban research institution in China. Based on the dedication of Mr. Dai Ailian, an alumnus of Beijing Normal University, the founder of Chinese dance and the pioneer of Chinese Laban dance notation, and the founder of the "Academic Committee of Chinese Laban Dance Notation" in 1985, Beijing Normal University then  expand the organization.

In July 2014, with the initiation of the School of Arts and Communication of BNU, experts of the International Laban Movement Analysis Committee, the Chinese Academy of Arts from home and abroad, re-integrated the research team, and set up the first ever university-based Laban Research Center of China.  The management team is set up in the Department of Dance. The Vice Dean of the School of Art and Communication, Professor Xiao Xiangrong is the . Professor Tang Yi is the Executive Director.


Based on the cultural heritage of Beijing Normal University and the advantages of interdisciplinary research, the center has expanded its research from Laban dance notation to the study movement harmony, movement science, movement expression theory, and movement design and other research directions. Based on the theory of Laban, it aims to conduct comprehensive and in-depth research in the fields of dance such as human movement linguistics, movement science, dance notation, physical and mental balance, and creative dance healing. The goal is to promote and popularise the Laban human movement analysis method and notation in industry, academia and research. Cultivating Laban's theoretical and practical talents will have a significant impact for improving the national quality education. It will also help China's dance art education develop more scientificly.


The Laban Research Center of China not only shows the "open" philosophy of the Dance Department of the School of Arts and Communication of Beijing Normal University, but also demonstrates the firmness and love for education and research that the university has for its students. The Center is dedicated to study and promote the Laban's academic ideas, and cultivate talents. The Center will also provide a platform for research and discussion in order to preserve the art of dance, establish theories of dance , promote dance communication at home and abroad, and promote the sustainable development of dance education, creation and scientific research.